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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Featured, Hardware, Reviews |

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects Review

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects

When we look at multi-functional features such as saving ink, print quality, print speed of leaves, size, quality and sometimes there are those who look at the connectivity. This multifunction Topshot has all the features you want in a device of this type but with a slight change: you can scan objects in three dimensions.


  • Laser, touchscreen, Wi-Fi.
  • Resolution color and B / N 600 x 600 dpi.
  • White and black: prints 17 pages per minute.
  • Color: print 4 pages per minute.
  • Up to 20,000 pages per month (using recommended print media).
  • Maximum Copies: 99.
  • Sheets in the input tray 150.
  • Leaves the output tray 50.
  • Camera: 8 megapixels.
  • Color: 48 bit.
  • Power consumption: 310W in use, 10.8W in standby mode, 5.1w asleep.
  • Toner life: 500 pages.

The 3D Scanner

The you know has on top a bed of glass with which we are used to scan documents, scan sometimes as many small objects and larger objects in the absence of a digital camera. The HP Topshot not have a bed of glass instead, it has a flat, pure white where you place the items you want scanned.

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects image 2

How do you scan? Easy! Lift the arm holding an 8 MP digital camera and placed just above the white bed, the result: A much more accurate and clear of the object you want scanned.

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects image 3

The primary function of this multifunctional is precisely to be able to scan 3D objects, as opposed to conventional glass beds, the camera is taking pictures from various angles to provide a much clearer picture of the object. Something to note is objects that “high” (over 10 centimeters high) gives two different images of the object, it is as if I gave you two perspectives, a very large and one very focused on the highest part of this object.

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects image 4

To scan things the camera is quite good, but when these documents are not. Not that it is impossible to scan something, but sometimes little details in the image will.

What is scanning 3D objects? If you’re a designer, for example, if you’re a graphic artist or plastic and you need to present your work, this scanner will allow whoever you send your work to see much more detail, if any relief, some texture, etc.., then it is right for you.

The truth is that there are not many applications that can give the 3D scanner, the end is that, a scanner, only more “interactive” than ordinary.

Ease of use

Fortunately the team is enough simple to install and use, in fact, you can install without the need for the CD that comes in the box (in case of an emergency) and do not take more than a couple of minutes – this clear in the If only you go to use it and have it connected to one computer.

But if you share, then you’ll be glad to know that HP TopShop is wireless and its small touch screen makes life pretty easy.

You only need to add the printer to your local network and ready, you can search from any computer and remotely send jobs. You do not need an installer to do this, for that you have the touch screen, your computer all you do is install the drivers.

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects image 5

From the screen you can make copies of documents or copies to print 3D objects at the time, you can make adjustments to color, print quality and even visit the “store” HP application where you can download information, news and to games like Sudoku, of course, all in print.

The only problem I see here is the touch screen, not because it is small, but because they respond very well and sometimes need to exercise a little harder to gain access to a menu or make a point.

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects image 6


As relates to the quality of printing can be said to be good, in fact above average. In color images and a good paper the results are somewhat startling, sometimes come to have some “saturation” but it happens when using the highest quality, if you do the prints come out very clean. As for the black and white there is not much to say, there are 256 gray scales and everything is text prints very well, just do not use black and white print on objects because it loses a lot of quality.


Like many of his type is multifunctional swinging medium to large, suddenly the power cord design was not the best planned, it is optimal for an office but not so much for a house. It is very noisy and has USB and Ethernet to connect if you prefer not to use the Wi-Fi. The cost goes around AUD $ 6000 which is quite high if you ask me, in the U.S. it costs no more than USD $ 350, which at current exchange rate is very even.

HP LaserJet Pro M275 Topshot you scan 3D objects image 7

As I said, if you’re a designer, a modeler, to an engineer who needs to constantly take pictures of what it does, then if it suits you much this all-but, if you want it for home or office and its main use will be out copies of documents, better go for the traditional.

I miss

  • scaner3D.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Is wireless.

The unpresentable

  • Costly
  • The screen sometimes does not respond well.
  • The power cord may be a problem.


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