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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

HP reports big drop in profits and lay off 27 000 workers

HP reports big drop in profits and lay off 27 000 workers

The promise was fulfilled. Because it was anticipated that about 30,000 in would be fired very soon, something that took shape now with the company announcing a major restructuring involving the departure of 27,000 people worldwide by 31 October this year, ie 8% of workforce who will be offered an “early retirement” instead of a blue envelope directly.

The idea will result in savings of up to $ 3,500 million to be invested back in innovation, seeking to reverse the bad economic figures that accompanied the press release that announced this bad news: In the past three months fell 3% to reach USD $ 30,700 million, with net earnings for the pocket down a dismal 31% over the previous period, remaining at $ 1,600 million.

With this the company seeks to break the deadlock and face the threat of and the superlative economic performance showed few hours ago, which in the short term could rob HP first in the ranking at PC makers global.

Link: HP cuts 27.000 jobs, profit tumbles 31 Percent in Q2 (Engadget)

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