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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Software |

Huayra: The GNU / Linux distribution for netbooks will have Argentine students

Huayra: The GNU / Linux distribution for netbooks will have Argentine students

One of the major problems faced by the various national, provincial and municipal integration of technology in education, was related to the operating system.

At the time of launch each plan, netbooks were delivered with a dual boot system (Windows / Ubuntu), that did not mitigate the uncertainty because there was not a level of training of teachers, according to the demand of each of the systems operating.

In addition, students did not remove the vicious cycle of relying on a closed and licensed software, which provides them comfort and familiar environment friendly but limited to make decisions for themselves.

That’s why for a long time, and even in various reports and statistics was reflected the bottleneck was thought to solve the dilemma of netbook in boy’s hand, but not much to do, coupled with the lack of teacher training.

That born Huayra, the project of developing a GNU / Linux distribution for that from March 2013, the program has its own Equality Connect free operating system.

Huayra means “wind” in Quechua, and intends to consolidate much of the process of school integration technologies with customized proposal. A level software is based on Debian Wheezy, one of the GNU / Linux more recognized for its stability and quality standard.

The Equality Connect program has already delivered 2 million of the 3 million netbooks in a first stage scheduled. All receive the update to Huayra during 2013, and will remain as the only operating system to boot these machines.

Huayra was developed by the National Center for Research and Development in Free Technologies (zenith), who are at work to get to March 2013 with the entire project to begin the integration and updating.

Many features of this new environment is designed taking into account the needs relieved from hundreds of interviews with students, teachers, administrators and parents of more than seven hundred schools across the country.

It will also have a platform for downloading applications, with more than 25 000 license free content designer by education portal and Pakapaka television signals, and Connect Meeting. It will also have integration with digital TV tuners that will incorporate the new netbooks.

At training, we will seek to level teachers with training and distance, as well as trying to change the current paradigm imposed by the standard Windows.

A member of ZENITHAL and promoter of the project, was enthusiastic about the future of Huayra: “If in 2001 when our school was basically a room, told me that 10 years later we would be developing the distribution of a program would divide by 3 million computers, I never could have imagined. Reality and beat me once, and by far. Perhaps surprised me again. “

Link: Huayra: Free, popular national (Faculty of Sciences – UBA)