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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Science |

Hubble discovered the fifth moon of Pluto

Hubble discovered the fifth moon of Pluto

Hubble image where it shows the fifth Moon of Pluto

If you are someone who despises by its small size, it is to know that while not rich in extent, yes it is to satellites: Now add five moons orbiting around it, according to the most recent discovery International Hubble .

Reflected as “a point of light” in the images captured by Hubble, the fifth moon of Pluto would be irregularly shaped and have a diameter of 10 to 24 kilometers as explained from NASA.

Scientists are amazed that such a small planet may have many satellites, and claim that this discovery is key to understanding the origins of Pluto: The most accepted theory is that these moons are the remains of a collision between Pluto and a large object from the ” Kuiper Belt “, a set of bodies orbiting the Sun comet

Provisionally dubbed S/2012 (134340), this new moon is situated in a circular orbit over 93,000 miles in diameter around the dwarf planet in the same plane as the other four satellites of the system, one of which was discovered in 2011 as we have here then.

At NASA believe that this finding is only the beginning of a series of discoveries that can achieve thanks to the images collected by the Hubble … Any moon to Pluto or rather a new dwarf planet?

Link: The Hubble Space Telescope detected the fifth moon of Pluto (Tendencias21)

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