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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Gadgets |

HUD interface installed in your car for $ 130

HUD interface installed in your car for $ 130

If you played Halo when you thought “I wish I could get that information transparent interface I do not cover the visual field,” no doubt you’ll be happy the last product launched Swiss manufacturer geolocation devices to install on all types of car.

This is because Garmin officially announced the HUD , its first portable device using the interface Heads-up Display (HUD) to project application information navigation for smartphones, that connects via Bluetooth to display the navigation arrows, distance to the next turn, speed, maximum speed, time estimation, and so on.

While not the first case of a interface device for cars, we can not forget the Pioneer Cyber ​​Navi released a year ago (and which is not exactly something portable), the main difference is the price: The Cyber Navi can cost from U.S. $ 1,600, while the HUD Garmin has a very affordable price of only U.S. $ 130 due to its simplicity, it consists of a projector and a transparent sheet to be installed on the to reflect the instructions .

Garmin’s portable navigation on your HUD puts any car’s windshield (The Verge)
A New Way to View Directions in the Car: Garmin ® Introduces Its First Portable Head-up Display (HUD) (Garmin)

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