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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Companies |

Hulu has 3 concrete offers to sell the company

Hulu has 3 concrete offers to sell the company

The service television content Hulu would be about to fall into new hands, all in a process led by its current owners – Fox, and Disney-ABC – to get rid of this company, and at least three consortia are seriously looking to stay with her.

DirecTV is the supported by AT & T and Digital Media Guggenheim, companies intending to acquire for different purposes.

Chernin and AT & T wants to buy it to add the transmission system series to the commercial supply of products and services from AT & T. DirecTV might be trying to stay with it to make it disappear after a short time and so stay with what is really valuable in this deal, the rights of content that could add to their own system of streaming. Guggenheim Meanwhile Hulu looking to make it grow as an independent and give a decisive battle against other services like Netflix and Amazon.

The wallet obese Yahoo! finally withdrew its option to acquire the company , so that the battle is summarized these three options. Right now the directory Hulu is making the decision based on multiple criteria, ranging from the amount of money they could earn in this business – it is said that the minimum is USD $ 1,000 million – up growth plans of a company with 4 million customers in the U.S. premium and advertising revenues of USD $ 695 million.

Link: Hulu’s end three bidders: Analyzing the pros and cons of each (The Hollywood Report)

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