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Hurricane Sandy also leaves its mark on social networks

Hurricane Sandy also leaves its mark on social networks

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Beyond which means a natural disaster, by also has tested some of the modern communication methods that are already part of everyday life. Precisely on Twitter, this week has been quite busy in terms of traffic and also in terms of the most popular terms in the social network.

During the days October 27 and November 1, were sent over 20 million messages on the storm, being “sandy” and “hurricane” two of the most used words. Meanwhile, the ravages of also noted on Facebook, where conversation about the hurricane reached a score of 8.34, being surpassed this year only by the Super Bowl with a score of 8.62 out of 10. And on Oct. 30, the most commonly used terms for people in their messages were “we are ok” (we’re good), “power” (power), “hope everyone is ok” (I hope you’re all well), and “thankful” (grateful), among others.

On the side of Instagram, users were quick to capture photos of the event and more still to upload to the network, reaching a rate of 10 images per second, also the most used hashtags were # hurricanesandy, # sandy, and # frankenstorm. Surely hired by Time reporters to cover Hurricane via Instagram collaborated with those numbers.

Finally, Twitter’s mobile traffic in the city of New York also peaked on Monday October 29.

Link: Sandy spawned more than 20M tweets in 6 days (VentureBeat)

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