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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Hardware Articles |

I waited at Computex 2013

I waited at Computex 2013

As every year, the event started today 2013 event in which many of the most important manufacturers of chips and devices will show all the benefits of their new and future products.

Although the list of companies participating in the event Computex 2013 is extensive, not all participate in this event, but still take advantage of the momentum of it to promote their upcoming products, some of which we will be detailing in the coming hours.

Of the major hardware manufacturers expect during Computex show many of its most anticipated products like:

Microprocessors (CPUs)

already submitted their advance microprocessors based on its fourth-generation Core architecture (codenamed Haswell) in its variants -DT Haswell, Haswell and Haswell-MB-H , but certainly many waiting for the SoC Haswell-ULT, the low-power variant Ultrabooks and hybrid devices / convertible.

We also hope that companies like ARM and present new SoCs, APUs and CPUs to compete against Intel’s products in various market segments and price ranges.

Graphics processors (GPUs)

In recent weeks, introduced its GeForce 700 Series GPUs, but it is expected that during Computex reveals lower and middle ranges of this family of GPUs. On the other hand AMD is expected to reveal its new family of Radeon HD 8000 Series GPUs, GPUs must have a very competitive performance and price to the Nvidia GPUs.

The manufacturers of GPUs for portable devices such as Qualcomm, Imagination Technologies, ARM, Vivante, VIA/S3 Graphics and others also we should have prepared other surprises.

Motherboards (mainboard / motherboard)

Motherboard manufacturers like ASUS, ASRock, Gigabyte, MSI, ECS, Biostar and others will show a wide range of products for the latest microprocessors from Intel and AMD, which cover different segments and price ranges.

No doubt the LGA 1150 socket motherboards for Haswell in its various form factors to steal attention.

PCs and workstations

Manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, and many others will show their latest creations which are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes.

PCs All-in-One equipped with touch screens and in some cases with the ability to be “convertible or removable” on laptops and / or desktops and / or tablets are of the most notorious and expected by many users looking for the convenience of a single device that covers various needs.

Laptops / Ultrabooks / Ultrathins / Smartbooks

The traditional notebooks show that can be adapted to current needs before making that differences portable devices like tablets is becoming ever more blurred, thanks to its slim and light weight, equipped with touch screens and often convertible into tablets and desktop PCs.

Portable devices

Devices such as tablets, smartphones, Mini-PCs, handheld and other innovative products for a wide variety of companies, will be the main protagonists of Computex.

The devices based on Snapdragon SoC 800, Nvidia Tegra 4 Intel Atom “Valleyview” and AMD Temash and Kabini will be the most anticipated, especially the latter to bring computing power CPU / GPU and compatibility with the popular and widely adopted by industry x86 instruction set to portable devices will be of the most anticipated by many for the broad utility, comfort and compatibility with the wide range of Windows applications and peripherals.

Other components

If anything characterizes Computex is variety, manufacturers also have many other types of products such as DRAM / NAND / Flash, hard drives, solid, sound cards, monitors / TV, speakers, printers, and wide range of products, we will try to cover as much as possible in the coming hours and from CHW and our sisters: SlashGear, Wayerless and Niubie.


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