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Posted by on Aug 4, 2012 in Companies |

IBM and Halliburton want to be a patent troll patent

The patent system in the United States no longer works. Not only says the respected Judge Richard Posner to declare a few weeks ago that the current patent system is no longer necessary for technology companies, but also the fact that a couple of really big companies, such as IBM and Halliburton, spent years trying to patent what companies do patent troll : buy a portfolio of patents and suing small businesses that occupy them.

The patent application, which dates from April 3, 2007 – is called ” System and method to benefit from a portfolio of assets “and is described as a method to make a profit by buying the patent of a company that does not have the resources to maintain its patent portfolio.

While patent application, the completed April 27, 2007 and entitled ” Acquisition of patents and claims from a group that invented it against a second group , “even refers explicitly to seek to prosecute cases economic benefits: “The methods sometimes include offering a license from the patent owner to a third party after the owner making a charge on the use of his patent. These methods sometimes include negotiating a cross-licensing with the third party based on the charge of infringing a patent (…) “.

If approved, would add to other controversial patents granted in the U.S. and the method of exercising a cat using a laser pointer , a method of swinging on a swing or hammock , or an antenna capable of sending a signal “faster that the velocity of light “ (?).

Link: Can You Get A Patent On Being A Patent Troll? (National Public Radio)

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