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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Science |

IBM brings us one step closer to the future carbon nanotube chip

IBM brings us one step closer to the future carbon nanotube chip


is working flat out to find a way to break with (which doubles every 18 months the number of on an integrated circuit) and thus replace the current with the breakthrough technology of carbon nanotubes .

A team of eight researchers from IBM announced that they found a way to mount these in an extremely precise on a computer chip, allowing them to install 100 times more in the same space compared to previous methods.

To test their method, the team was able to create a with 10,000 transistors in carbon nanotubes, a figure that is far although the 731 million transistors on an Intel Core i7, should be compared with the fact that no one had been able to mount once more than a few hundred carbon nanotube transistors on a single chip.

This new technology would be a good starting point to find a viable alternative to silicon transistors, since we are approaching the theoretical limit of enough capabilities and one of the candidates to replace them are carbon nanotubes.

While IBM does not assure people that this technology is commercially viable, is a first step. He already pleaded optimistic that the method is compatible with the current technology to make computer chips.

- IBM Brings Carbon nanotube-based computers a step closer (C | Net)

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