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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

IBM expands cloud services offering to medium enterprises

IBM expands cloud services offering to medium enterprises

In to expand their horizons in terms of the cloud, and incidentally get into a market previously dominated almost counterbalanced by Amazon. The U.S. company has just announced that they offer services on computing also medium-sized companies, those that have read up to 1,000 employees.

Andy Monshaw, IBM manager in charge of SMEs, justifies this move thanks to low costs that has reached the cloud computing, and now put the technology within reach of a larger spectrum. Currently, major industries and companies make the clientele base of IBM, so midsize businesses are an opportunity you do not want to miss. And less, seeing the success of Amazon.

For now, IBM should be in the important work of making known to potential customers that are an alternative, in the case of cloud services, something which, judging by reports, does not seem so clear to many businesses still . Just do not go to be alone in the market, as there are two companies aligned with IBM: Infor Global Solutions and Highland Solutions, the last even as having some customers using IBM services.

Is it enough to really racing you to or Salesforce? Only time will tell.

Link: IBM Targets Amazon in the Cloud (Wall Street Journal)

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