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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Hardware |

IBM has the new fastest supercomputer on the planet

IBM has the new fastest supercomputer on the planet

In Germany, today recognized the most efficient in the world within the TOP500 ranking, which is updated twice a year and this time awarded first place at Sequoia, located in California, USA.

This great team, IBM Blue Gene type / Q, has a yield of 16,325 petaflops per second, which in one hour as well as calculate achieved 6,700 million people with a calculator in 320 years, potential that is intended to be used in the Department U.S. Energy to simulate the use of nuclear weapons, but will also be given occasionally for scientific purposes.

With this, the previous winner of TOP500, the K Fujitsu Computer, stayed behind with a yield of 10.51 petaflops / sec, being surpassed in energy efficiency as well as the 7.9mw consumed, while the K 12.6mw.

Link: IBM Sequoia: U.S. Supercomputer Takes Top Spot On Top 500 Fastest List (Huffington Post)

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