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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Companies |

IBM may make up to 8,000 layoffs of workers

IBM may make up to 8,000 layoffs of workers

Yesterday, began laying off employees in the United States, expected to arrive no less than 1,300 in the coming days. And not only that analysts believe that continue and reach 8,000 employees, meaning about 2% of the current workforce of the company, which holds about 435,000 people employed.

The reason for this decision is the recent restructuring is planned within IBM, in response to a change in the technology industry to which they must adapt, although recently have shown excellent financial results . “All divisions of the company, at all locations, are being impacted,” said Lee Conrad division coordinator Alliance @ IBM workers.

This is not the first sign of this type that shows IBM in the last time: the division of the company in Argentina is also making redundancies , while globally want to get rid of his division to sell to Lenovo servers , treatment it would be difficult to achieve but holds high hopes of IBM rid of a business that can not make rent as they should.

Link: IBM Layoffs wrack; 1300 workers cut from U.S. workforce, coming 8000 (Electronista)

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