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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Software |

IBM wary of Siri and Apple does with the data stored

IBM wary of Siri and Apple does with the data stored

IBM, one of the giants of the global computer distrust confessed his personal assistant iPhone called Siri, with company executives to ensure that networks provided by the company in their buildings will block access to employees to use on their mobile phones.

Why? First, remember that Siri is the recognition system present in the iPhone 4S, which is spoken anything and provides services such as Internet search or perform tasks on the mobile. It turns out that it is necessary to operate the computer to send the recorded voice of the person to external servers from Apple, where it is processed and converted into digital text that can be digested by the iPhone.

The problem is that stores the recorded voice on their servers after the transaction is completed, not specifying how long the store or who can access it, which caused fear in product misuse can give what they say their employees via Siri.

If this arouses suspicion among ordinary users of Siri is a subject for another debate, however, consider that IBM is quite cautious in this regard – perhaps too – and even blocking their employees access to Dropbox for similar reasons.

Link: IBM blocks Siri On Its networks (Slashgear)

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