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Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Internet |

ICANN mistakenly published personal information about applicants for domains

ICANN mistakenly published personal information about applicants for domains

After the Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( for its acronym in English) had issued recently and with great pride that are nearly 2 000 applications for registration of new domains , the entity had to leave in shame to ask public apology, since much of the information revealed was confidential.

In addition to announcing the that were requested, accidentally published the names and addresses of applicants for these top level domains, many of them senior executives of various companies. Given this, ICANN today announced that temporarily defused the display of these details, as they try to eliminate some contact addresses of primary and secondary level or requests to TLD .

ICANN said that “we have temporarily disabled the display of application details, and we’ve eliminated the unwanted information also have restored this function.” He added “We apologize for this omission, so applicants should contact the Customer Service Center with any questions or concerns.”

This body is responsible for assigning domains, however pubicamente revealed the names of the candidates, in which include major industry players such as Google , Microsoft and Amazon for the registration of TLDs. The TLD also unveiled some of the most coveted Extensions such as. Home and. App.

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