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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Science |

Identify the cells that make cancer resistant to chemotherapy

Identify the cells that make cancer resistant to chemotherapy

News how are you are you have love around here: A couple of Spanish scientists has identified the cells ‘ghosts’ that make tumors resistant to chemotherapy.

and achieved this important finding in the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, where he conducted research to understand the of the and attack power in their ‘weaknesses’.

The work of the Spanish has been published in “Cancer Cell” explains the steps taken in the investigation has focused on prostate cancer: have identified ‘tumor stem cells’ prostate cancer who actively participates in process and to in tumor progression.

This cell, which behaves similar to embryonic stem cells, is the one with the ability to initiate and cause tumor cell heterogeneity , which is observed in tumor diseases.

The same ‘tumor stem cell’ is also responsible for the tumor becomes resistant to chemotherapy: is able to divide when exposed to chemotherapy, while differentiated cells die.

Thanks to the data obtained in this investigation will focus on treatments attack the cancer from the beginning and not stay in their symptoms or damage caused, as explained Carlos Cordon Cardo Efe:

“These cells have an innate resistance remarkable, highly rich in detoxification and transport systems: Compounds falling therapy (in these cells) are rapidly excreted (…) These cells are in all tissues and if not immediately extract surgical or radiation does not burn their headquarters, they may be responsible for resistance to chemotherapy develops. “

In addition to more effective chemotherapy treatment, to identify these ‘cancer stem cells’ may give more accurate predictions about the behavior of the disease: Patients with a higher percentage of these cells have a higher likelihood of relapse, thereby which should take the necessary actions to keep the disease under control.

Definitely a very good step in the fight against cancer, because as scientists themselves have said, this could be the ” Achilles heel “of the disease. Amen.

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