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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Featured, Gadgets |

IDF2012 Brazil: Hybrids between notebook and tablet with Windows 8 at first glance

Hybrid or convertible, call them what you want, but always bearing in mind that will be an important part of the ecosystem of portable medium term future. Because part of the event IDF2012 Brazil, Intel showed an interesting breed of equipment of reference created by the company, they expect to be taken into account by the assemblers to make devices much those and sell them worldwide.

The concept certainly is the next step to take in the industry: unite the simplicity and speed of a tablet to consume content along with productivity that provides a physical keyboard notebook in a thin computer touch screen that can display just the keyboard when required or maintained as a flat tablet thickness measured if we are not interested in creating content.

We say that is a natural step forward in the industry because as the tablets have gained great popularity in the market have come to light major weaknesses of the devices, differentiated into two kinds of users: those who believe and those who consume content. It is obvious why the entry of the hybrids to fill all the needs in people who do not want to buy two devices simultaneously: a tablet and a notebook.

For this, and as icing on the cake is that Microsoft thought Windows 8 with two interchangeable user interfaces, desktop-desktop-and Metro, the latter being intended for use with your fingers and the first the most traditional way to enter Windows. It is ideal then the use of these convertible Windows 8, completing a user experience that unites all the elements that anyone can look for in a computational device. This is why Microsoft is pushing the development of such devices .

That said, we can check what the reference equipment that Intel had for us in the IDF2012, which wild chase we thoroughly photographed to reveal an indisputable truth: they are very interesting and aesthetically appealing.

Of these we had had any previous eye when left look very briefly at previous events, as in China IDF2012 less than a month ago, where they saw the Intel Letexo , a prototype with slide-out keyboard and touch screen of 12.5 inches. In addition to its format, it is also interesting to note that the computer has internal platform Ultrabook third generation, ie, Ivy Bridge, also showing USB 3.0 and HDMI video output.

First it looks like in tablet mode:

Then we can move your screen to various positions:

Finally, a view from behind:

The phone next to the computer is a Nokia Lumia 710.

Another thing is that Intel’s generic model that details are not known outside its structure, which resembles a mobile phone with keyboard sliding Sidekick style but in large format, making it impossible to achieve such extreme positions as those of the newly displayed Letexo .

First in tablet mode:

And now magically becomes notebook:

Together with Nokia Lumia 710.

Finally we saw a model called “Yoga”, which just stands out for its flexibility due to the mobility of the screen, and it is not the same as the IdeaPad Yoga :

With these three models we see three different aprontes created by Intel to push the category of hybrid or convertible, which cover the most obvious ways to adopt this format, we hope to hit store shelves sooner rather than later, because as seen and touched are teams of high potential and interesting to use.

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