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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Gadgets |

IDF2012 Brazil: Intel Nikiski, laptop trackpad transparent at first sight

Featuring a short time ago, the Intel Nikiski stands out as a prototype laptop with a transparent touch surface, which acts as both the trackpad and serves to check notifications when the computer is with the lid closed, remaining in that manipulated state.

Despite being a reference model of Intel, that is, serve as a model for other manufacturers to bring it to stores in a similar format but under its brand, the company continues to use Windows 7 as main OS of the device when Windows 8 is much more suited to the Nikiski when the lid closed.

And is that we are told, will be released as soon as before the official launch of Windows 8, so there is no time to adapt a specific user interface for this team. It should be noted also that this is not a Ultrabook and it shows, because it is thick enough and heavy enough to fall into the category of notebook.

So to expect that this model comes in a few months on sale, for the moment, we leave you with a gallery of pictures

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