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Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

IDF2012 Brazil: Intel NUC at first sight

A couple of weeks Intel first showed his unit called Next Unit of Computing (NUC), a small 10cm x 10cm computer that integrates all functions of a complete machine in a very compact and lightweight.

And under the recent event IDF2012 Brazil who attended between 14 and 15 May, we spotted one of these units and get your hands on top to see if it was what he promised when Intel announced its existence.

It turns out that in terms of performance the machine is doing very well, comparing their experience to that of a full size laptop work as play high-definition multimedia or play 3D games. For example, we saw that the NUC ran eight Full HD video simultaneously without any problem, on the other side being able to run the game Portal 2 in native resolution fairly smooth.

Does the but? The unit heats up to [INSERT JOKE OF GRUSO SIZE HERE], to the point that is very annoying to take it by hand when in use because really the temperature reached is high, the CPU probably near 90 °C or 100 °C limits those who can run these Intel Sandy Bridge for notebooks.

We have no idea of how Intel is going to solve this problem before removing the device for sale, and we think it’s a bit irresponsible to market launch in the state. And although we’ll probably never have working in our hands if we acquired it tells us to accept that something is running so hot on the table, being perhaps one of the points you have to sacrifice performance to get a notebook 10cm x 10cm format.

More pictures in the gallery below:

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