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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

IDF2012: Intel will not support Linux with Clover Trail

IDF2012: Intel will not support Linux with Clover Trail

Although and Cloverview Atom mainly target the segment of tablets (many of which are running Android), seems not to want anything with Linux. At IDF 2012, just announced who will listen that will not support on Clover Trail.

The reasons for this appear to be several. First, it is intended to give support to Microsoft, so they are proclaiming Clover Trail as a chip made by and for Windows 8, and second, and in a more technical issue, the people of Intel says it takes a lot of work in developing software for this chip supports a particular operating system (like Linux), and Intel apparently does not want to engage in it for now.

Digging deeper still, there are a couple of new features in the operating closely with the chip clock, and apparently only those features they can benefit from Windows.

Moreover, Clover Trail is still x86, so you should not have too much trouble in making Linux run on Atom Cloverview, although from Intel practically cross their arms with the idea. The point is that the market for Android tablets is too large to obviate as Intel is doing, by many alliance and support for Microsoft Windows and, indeed, on paper even seems unwise. Time will tell.

Link: IDF: Intel Says Clover Trail will not work with Linux (The Inquirer)

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