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Posted by on Sep 1, 2012 in Gadgets, Reviews | 1 comment

IFA 2012: A look at TV Haier transparent

IFA 2012: A look at TV Haier transparent

The manufacturers are betting on surprise to get their place in the market: has placed all his chips on a so futuristic that is transparent .

As you read it: It is an unconventional proposal, although we can not say that completely new because we already own Chinese company had submitted similar prototypes while … Sure, never so great: This is 46 inches with a resolution of 1366 x 768, multitouch.

Its novelty is that when you turn is like a window, which I could not check because the girls refused to stand off (buuuh!), But if so it might be useful to put in shop windows or something Indeed similar … seems to be the target at that point because the Haier booth exhibit at it this way.

It is noteworthy that when lit is also medium, as an attempt to show in these pictures that I have taken and where you can see through what is behind him.

IFA 2012: A look at TV Haier transparent image 2

How useful is this TV to our homes? I really do not see clearly, because you have to place it on a wall to see crisp, and then loses consciousness that is transparent … No?

So far little is known about this TV, and although it may seem distant input seeing it in stores, maybe in a couple of years is common. While playing wait and think: How useful would you give?

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1 Comment

  1. Why is Haier not showing OLED? That’s the future TV display technology. Take a look at Samsung and LG! OLED is improving the picture greatly. Transparent LCD is opposite. Seems Haier is moving picture quality backwards. Who wants that? I want cheap OLED!