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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Gadgets, Reviews |

IFA 2012: Samsung Smart TV ES9500 55-inch OLED at first sight

IFA 2012: Samsung Smart TV ES9500 55-inch OLED at first sight

We were able to sneak in the booth at the IFA, which officially starts this Friday in Berlin, and although fully staban assembly brings together we could see some of the new features that brings the Korean, like ES9500 55-inch OLED, whose first impressions I explain below.

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to these is what these TVs differ from the rest of the Smart market? As well as incorporating the typical and smart TVs resources of Korean as voice control and gestures, to have be “OLED” care much image quality.

We explained the image and video experts of the Smart TV Samsung OLED achieved providing superior since they have sub-pixel own light emission capacity, thanks to which it can be played individually a completely realistic colors, creating a more absorbent.

IFA 2012: Samsung Smart TV ES9500 55-inch OLED at first sight image 2

To this we must add that OLED technology is able to differentiate between different shades of black, offering a much higher quality to show shadows, shapes and subtle colors, even in the darkest scenes.

So the Smart TV ES9500 55-inch OLED first convinces us in terms of image relates: We explained that boys like Samsung does not need a separate light source, provides a faster response time, eliminating the distortion created by movement.

Let the above means that no “flashes” to display images: Obviously an advantage when we’re watching a movie, for example, which includes the typical action scenes, or while watching a football game on TV, or a race of Formula 1.

So at first I must say that the image is really striking in these TVs: The colors are really bright and feature a contrast that makes them look at its best.

In terms of design I have no complaints: Minimalist with ultra thin metal frame and display fine. It has a feature that I find interesting is that the small camera inserted into the top of the frame can be stored when not in use. Meanwhile the cables and connections can be hidden in the center of the machine support.

Now if I were asked what was the most interesting thing I saw in these OLED? I would definitely say is the “Multi View”, which allows two people to watch two different content on the TV screen.

No more arguments over control of the TV! Thanks to the special glasses included in this model, and of course its integrated headset, so you can hear the sound independently.

Prices and availability?? Well no idea. From Samsung we have explained that they are still studying the market to assess the acceptance they would these models, so they can not give us any details on price or release dates … Patience!

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