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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

IGP Intel HD Graphics 4th generation “Denlow” GT1 has 10 EUs

A few months ago we received some information on the Denlow in its variants GT1, GT2 and GT3 , which form the integrated graphics alignment for future Intel microprocessors-DT Haswell, Haswell and Haswell-MB-ULT, which probably go under the trade name of fourth generation Core Microprocessors.

Previous data suggested that would consist of six gt1 EUs, while GT2 and gt3 would have 20 EUs 40 EUs, but new information reveals that brings SemiAccurate GT1 will have a total of 10 EUs, significantly increasing the graphics performance of the IGP Intel core.

U.S. Intel calls to its computer graphic units, which perform the functions of shader processors, where each EU comprises four ALUs, the operating individually or in combination in order to perform various types of calculations or graphics accelerated applications focused on GPU (GPGPU), something similar to what the VLIW4 of AMD Radeon HD 6900 GPU and the IGP of the AMD Trinity APU.

The Denlow IGPs also incorporate a new graphics core, through which will be 100% compatible?? with Microsoft API released with the operating system Microsoft Windows 8.

Link: Haswell GT1 and GT2 graphics for Revealed (SemiAccurate)

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