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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Hardware News |

Images from the video card Galaxy GeForce GTX 780 Hall Of Fame “HOF”

manufacturer of cards based on GPUs, is known for its family of video cards Custom “HOF” , characterized by its impressive high quality PCB in white, a factor that has earned the loyalty of many users.

Galaxy Hall Of Fame “HOF” OverClocked “SOC”, the epitome of family video is one of the most powerful video cards based on GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 , which got taking place the world record Overclock graphics memory, being carried 1803MHz (GPU) and 1851MHz (VRAM, 7404MHz effective) .

The card has a high quality custom PCB equipped with 8 +2 phase VRM digital power (8 CHIL 8318 phases for the GPU and 2 phases for memory PWMl graphical uP6210AG “VRAM”), and MOSFETs PowerIRtage IR3553M, 12 Tantalum capacitors, Elpida Memory 3GB GDDR5 384-bit bus and is powered by 2 power connectors 8 pin.

From ChinaDIY bring us a very complete picture gallery with the video card Galaxy GeForce GXT 780 Hall Of Fame Super OverClocked as the protagonist, which has no qualms in showing to the camera:

We recommend reviewing the full image gallery ChinaDIY.

Link: 记录领航影驰GTX780å人堂全çƒé¦–æ›å›¾èµ (ChinaDIY)


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