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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Science |

Imaginary: Exposure technology and mathematics reaches Argentina

Imaginary: Exposure technology and mathematics reaches Argentina

If math had been as simple to understand as it does Imaginary, perhaps years ago, many school-age children have opted for a career in the ancient sciences.

But we still have time, because worldwide tour showing how simple it can be to model an object or image simply by modifying a mathematical formula.

This tool was created by the Oberwolfach Mathematical Institute for Year in Germany in 2008, and provides an experience where the public can learn theoretical aspects of algebraic geometry. Through visualizations, interactive installations, virtual reality and 3D objects, we propose an attractive and educational way, start young and old in some theoretical aspects of complex issues such as the foundations of algebraic geometry and the theory of singularities.

The interaction in the sample will be in charge of the program Surfer , a specific development for the exhibition and which is used to visualize real algebraic surfaces, as the locus of points in that void a polinomo in 3 variables, explains the official site.

Throughout the weekend of October 20 to November 18, the proposal will be open to the public at the Planetarium of the City of Buenos Aires with free admission.

Link: Imaginary, the expo

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