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Posted by on Jun 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Imagination Technologies announces new GPUs “Rogue” G6230 and G6430 PowerVR

Earlier this year announced new GPUs series.6 PowerVR architecture based on its new Rogue , today announced the first GPUs based on it: G6230 and G6430 PowerVR.

The new family of GPUs Imagination Technologies Power VR series.6 promises great graphics performance and low power consumption in a small die size, offering the highest yield per area of the industry GPUs.

The new PowerVR Series & “Rogue” will offer a yield of 100GFlops to 1TFlop, yield 52 times that of the PowerVR SGX GPU 543MP2 (19.2GFlops), and higher than GPUs like AMD Radeon HD 7750 (819.2GFlops), but less than GPUs as Radeon HD 7770 (1.28TFlops), which is just awesome for a GPU that targets the market of smartphones, TVs, tablets and notebooks.

The new GPU PowerVR architecture-based Rogue, the 6 th evolution of architecture TBDR (Tile Bases Deferred Rendering), provide power with resolution 4K and compatibility with compression technologies PowerVR Texture Compression PVRTC 1 and PVRTC2 , graphics API OpenGL, DirectX 11.1, APIs also support GPU accelerated computing and the future standard (Heterogeneous System Architecture), as Imagination Technologies is a member of HSA Foundation .

It expects the first products featuring the new GPUs from Imagination Technologies will make an appearance later this year (perhaps along with the launch of Windows 8 RT), or during the first half of next year.

Link: Imagination Technologies, PowerVR 6 serisi G6230 ve G6430 GPU’larını duyurdu (Donanim Haber)

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