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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Imagination Technologies GPU-accelerated physical displays for smartphones

Imagination Technologies GPU-accelerated physical displays for smartphones

From SemiAccurate bring us an interesting by Imagination Technologies , which shows the computing capabilities of GPU-accelerated GPU PowerVR GPU-accelerated running.

The show was held in a card SoC based on Texas Instruments (dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 with SGX graphics 540), which ran an application that makes use of natural fabrics (Cloth), giving the following results :

  • 1 core ARM Cortex-A9: 14 FPS
  • 2-core ARM Cortex-A9: 24 FPS
  • GPU PowerVR SGX 540 (OpenCL): 42 FPS

With acceleration test team was able to triple the offered by a core Cortex-A9, while consuming 10% lower (CPU usage remained at 30%).

It also conducted a demonstration of processing based on OpenCL, where the API-accelerated GPU computing offers a higher rate of frames per second, which allows a better job.

The GPU PowerVR SGX 540 was launched in 2007, and presumably the new GPU PowerVR 6 Series or future RTX PowerVR from provide superior performance on tasks optimized for OpenCL, giving smartphones and tablets capacity run intensive tasks.

Link: Imagination Makes the case for mobile OpenCL (SemiAccurate)

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