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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Imagination Technologies GPUs to optimize their manufacturing process

Imagination Technologies GPUs to optimize their manufacturing process

A few months ago made available their new PowerVR 6 Series architecture based Rogue, and with them will come a change in the development process of GPUs Imagintation Technologies.

So far Imagination Technologies licenses its partners a “synthesizable GPU”, which uses a generic design, which its partners are responsible for adapting to various manufacturing processes of the company where they produce their SoCs (TSMC, Samsung, Global Foundries and others). But Imagination Technologies want to make sure to optimize this last step to maximize the potential of their GPUs with the manufacturing process to 28nm and below.

To get it, Imagination Technologies is working closely with semiconductor manufacturers to optimize the of their GPUs to suit the peculiarities of their manufacturing processes as 3D transistors (or 3D ICs) for it is uses complex systems of electronic design automation (EDA or Electronic Design Automation), with ensuring that their GPUs to achieve the best balance between operating frequency, area and consumption.

These measures are expected best GPUs by Imagination Technologies, which will closely optimized design to the manufacturing process in which they are made, a move that puts it up to other manufacturers like Nvidia GPUs, AMD, and ARM Qualcomm, which use this type of optimizations.

Link: Imagination Technologies PowerVR Graphics Cores to Tailor to Process Technologies (Xbit Labs)

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