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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Hardware News |

Imagination Technologies NVIDIA: We do not compete against our customers

Imagination Technologies NVIDIA: We do not compete against our customers

A few days ago surprised the world by transforming its division’s business model (Intellectual Property), licensing the design of graphics architectures to others, seeking to increase hardware based platform that makes use of their graphics technologies while allows other companies to design SoCs and GPUs based on architecture and superior graphics.

With this new business vision, the Nvidia GPU IP in direct competition against companies like Imagination Technologies, ARM, DMP, Vivante and Takumi, which for years graphic their technologies to other companies, allowing these use their GPUs in various SoCs and GPUs which are based on many smartphones and tablets in the industry.

claims to have a market share of 78.8% of business IP GPU (and 50.1% of the market of GPUs for SoCs ARM / MIPS) by families of GPUs, but that does not mean you do not closely monitor potential rivals Nvidia.

The Senior Director of Marketing and Communications division of Imagination Technologies, David Harold, mentions that by offering products Nvidia (Tegra) based on the same technology license, will compete directly against their own customers.

Qualcomm statements have historical foundations, as many companies have ended badly for competing against their own customers. Examples in the market for GPUs we remembered the companies like 3dfx (now owned by Nvidia) and ATI (now owned by AMD), the video card that sold under its own brand, competing against their own partners (manufacturers video cards based on GPU of the above), a decision that cost them losing a significant market share, factor in the subsequent acquisition of other companies.

Imagination Technologies plans to further increase its share offering also chart their GPU IP technologies together with their IP MIPS Series5 “Warrior” , which will be available this year end.

Whatever the truth of predictions from Imagination Technologies, the market for CPUs and GPUs has become very interesting with all the changes that have occurred in recent months.

Link: Imagination:关注NVIDIA授æƒä¸Žè‡ªäº§åŒæ—¶æŠ“并ä¸å®¹æ˜“ (Expreview)


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