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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPU launches G6630

Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPU launches G6630

Imagination Technologies, the current owner of MIPS and recognized for its graphics solutions, announces the of its new flagship GPU: PowerVR G6630, based on its architecture graph Rogue.

The family of GPUs PowerVR was launched a few months ago, and its first members GPUs: PowerVR G6200, G6230, G6400 and G6430 , and they are joined by the new PowerVR G6630, which like their younger siblings , is aimed at the market for tablets and smartphones.

The nomenclature of the PowerVR 6 Series GPUs
Imagination Technologies, markets its architecture based GPUs rogue under a trade very simple, where we have a four digit number where:

  • Figure 1: Generating graph (in this case 6).
  • 2nd digit: Number of clusters (6 in the case of GPU PowerVR G6630).
  • 3rd and 4th digits: model, the greater the number, the more power.

The new GPU PowerVR consists of a total of six clusters Rogue (Unified Shading Clusters or “USC”) configuration which proclaims Imagination Technologies offer graphic performance 60 times higher than its previous 5 Series PowerVR GPUs, claim to be be demonstrated when testing a product reaches licenses based on this GPU.

Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPU launches G6630 image 2

Link: Imagination Unleashes High-Performance 6-GPU Cluster for Smartphones, Tablets and Low-Power Gadgets (PowerVR)

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