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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Science |

Imperdible: The Dark Side of Saturn

Imperdible: The Dark Side of Saturn

released a stunning image “backlit” Saturn , showing how it looks on the other side of the Sun was positioned on purpose in the of the planet, with the idea of capturing how the rings are backlit and dark side of the planet.

The probe was positioned in the “high solar phase”, as it is called to observe the sun from the center of the shadow of the goal. According to NASA, is a very advantageous position to reveal details of both the rings and the atmosphere that can not be seen to direct sunlight.

The last time Cassini was able to be in this unusual view of the planet, at the correct distance and long enough to take a picture, was in September 2006, when this photo was created , which is pretty spectacular too.

The new image is composed of 60 photographs taken in the spectrum violet, visible and near infrared.

“Of all the glorious images of we have received, none is as strikingly unusual as those taken from his shadow,” said the head of the Cassini imaging team, Carolyn Porco.

Full picture in the NASA site
From Cassini for the Holidays: A splendor seldom seen (NASA)

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