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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in Entertainment |

Implements Qantas flight entertainment system with an iPad for each passenger

Implements Qantas flight entertainment system with an iPad for each passenger

has announced that it will incorporate a new entertainment system on and make no distinction between different classes within the plane. And that includes an for each seat of the ships.

service is a proprietary system that provides entertainment Qantas via Wi-Fi in airplanes, and was on probation at the beginning of this 2012, the company announced that the test was successful, so now be implemented in all its Boeing 767 aircraft on flights home. In addition, signing a partnership with Panasonic, which will provide its own transmission system known as EXW and will serve to “raise the standards of in-flight entertainment,” according to the people of Qantas.

Passengers can enjoy a wide selection of movies, series and music, all transmitted to the iPad (or any similar device that also carry passengers) through QStreaming and regardless of the class you are traveling without having to pay others. Moreover, the implementation of the system goes after the flight efficiency, as it will decrease the weight on the aircraft, thus saving fuel.

Already a Qantas plane QStreaming fully equipped, and is expected by the end of the year the rest of its fleet of Boeing 767 is fully functional. For many people, this may be a reason to prefer Qantas before the competition to get around in Australia, but certainly in the future this will extend to flights.

Link: Qantas to Provide iPad wireless entertainment on 767s (The Register)

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