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In 50 years will have statues of Bill Gates, not Steve Jobs

In 50 years will have statues of Bill Gates, not Steve Jobs

Leave the discussion open for the weekend. Who will be most remembered in 50 years? Is or Steve Jobs? According to Malcolm Gladwell, author of bestselling books, the presence of ex-CEO of is the one that will be mentioned in the distant future, and almost no one will remember who the deceased co-founder of Apple.

He argues, to a certain point in their life was “the most ruthless capitalist,” that before having “awakened one day in the morning to say enough is enough.” Then, as we know, much of the vast fortune he earned in the past are spending on charities, decision made yet as a young man, abandoning greed and opting for a lifestyle that benefits humanity.

That is why Gladwell dare say that in 50 years Bill Gates will be remembered for his charitable works and to have statues in their honor, by which time no one will know what Microsoft or Apple, so that the image of Steve be forgotten because it does not represent any legacy that has been a contribution to the human race in its essence.

Link: Author: 50 years from now, we’ll remember Gates, not Jobs (Neowin)

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