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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Software |

In a year Microsoft took care of 3,265 cases of piracy

In a year Microsoft took care of 3,265 cases of piracy

Microsoft announced that over the past year – from July 2012 to July 2013 -, found and resolved 3,265 cases of where proprietary software companies were using it improperly, mostly corresponding to infringing copy tools like Windows, Office, Visual Studio and more.

As expected, these cases involve companies that have been reported or have come to light after being investigated by Microsoft, not being individuals or individual users to whom it has been inspected. stands as an example the case of the Chinese company Ningbo Beyond Group, with which the problems were resolved behind closed doors reaching a healthy agreement.

They have handled more than 450,000 reports of misuse of the software, however, is often technical errors and the intrusion of viruses and malware applications made malfunction rather than actual piracy. But of the 3,265 cases that have actually been reported as illegal, only 35 were found in the United States and the rest were found overseas in 42 other countries.

Link: Microsoft Settled 3,265 cases in software piracy tax last year (Neowin)

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