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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Internet |

In BitTorrent distance themselves from accusations of piracy

In BitTorrent distance themselves from accusations of piracy

For years, it has been associated with the protocol to what is Internet piracy, linking its use solely to the download of content protected by copyright. But since the company that created it, are campaigning to inform the reality complete with BitTorrent CEO, Eric Klinker, opening a website which aims to clean up this website through .

Here it is explained that by their nature, BitTorrent is a protocol for distributing large amounts of information that moves en masse, so it is not surprising that technology is also used by institutions and companies that have nothing to do with Piracy . In fact, listed fifty examples of positive uses, as the help provided by the protocol to reduce bandwidth on Wikipedia or on the distribution of official patches for games.

Furthermore, defends itself against those who say they have killed the entertainment industry, saying: “No, we have not, we are scientists, engineers, developers and designers committed to building a better Internet. For over a decade, the BitTorrent protocol applied distributed technology to the field of digital distribution, allowing the efficient transfer of large files and big ideas.

Link: BitTorrent distances itself from piracy by Claiming connection to Facebook, Twitter code deployment (The Next Web)

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