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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

In considering Apple would switch to Intel for AMD

In considering Apple would switch to Intel for AMD

Two days ago, Business Week ran a story about the challenges facing Tim Cook as successor to Steve Jobs leading the way. And a paragraph of the article has drawn considerable attention concerning what might be inside the in the future.

As is well known, today all the line iMac has a brand processor inside. But that could change, because according to undisclosed sources within Apple have already been discussions to quit doing business with Intel and AMD. It also mentions that a change of this magnitude would be something complex and definitely not going to happen in the near future, but Intel would serve to “differentiate their portable and desktop products from those of their competitors”, having Intel processors and run with Windows.

Not the first time that Apple make a change of this nature; 2006 was abandoned and IBM PowerPC for Intel and its x86 chips. There is any further change to IBM, it is likely that there is a change of architecture but it would be a blow strong enough, talking through the media, for the brands involved.

Of course, all is speculation for now and not going beyond a somewhat remote possibility. Time will tell.

Link: Mapping a Path Out of Steve Jobs’s Shadow (Business Week)

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