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In December, NASA will make a big announcement related to Mars

In December, NASA will make a big announcement related to Mars

The Rover robot has much to talk about this year, after its successful arrival at Mars and experiments and activities being carried out since. But the best is yet to come, because according to John Grotzinger, chief investigator of the group in charge of the project, will soon make an announcement that “go to the history books”, raising expectations of a new discovery in red soil.

Mark your calendars the week ranging from 3 to 7 December, the date which is expected to make the official announcement of the findings in the context of an event run by the American Geophysical Union, to be held in San Francisco, USA.

What did you find? Obviously we do not know yet, but there are clues. Because in their statements, Grotzinger said data is received from the laboratory analyzing samples from the Mars has (called SAM), which “will go to the history books, they look very interesting.” The reason that found it immediately reveals a precaution, and they are getting this information right now and the team of scientists recently is processing, so you do not want to rush to make a major announcement and then have to deny.

Link: Big News From Mars? Scientists Rover Mum For Now (npr)

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