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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Internet |

In Finland, Netflix was discovered using subtitles “unofficial”

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has just opened its doors officially in Finland, and who oversee the distribution of audiovisual content officer should be more than happy. However, Netflix made a small oversight, since it was discovered that one of the service offered in the series had its version “unofficial”, those who create their own fans, without student authorization or conglomerates.

The group is the simile DivX Finnish many others engaged in translating and subtitling voluntarily many series, and usually their work is used in unofficial copies of series or movies. Great must have been the surprise of some users to see the series Andromeda encountered the situation that describes the image that adorns this item.

And what they say on Netflix? While apologized for the situation, also washed (a little) hands, arguing that they are content to be uploaded to the service arrives subtitles including if appropriate. For now, the series in question was removed from Netflix-in that country, and is being investigated to see what happened.

Moreover, since DivX Finland take the situation with humor, saying that Netflix is committing a crime by not having asked permission to use their subtitles. As often happens, the community collaboration is a step above the rest.

Link: Netflix Caught Using “Pirated” Subtitles in Finland (TorrentFreak)

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