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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Companies |

In Google released the Chrome language to talk about OS, Drive, Chromebooks and more

In Google released the Chrome language to talk about OS, Drive, Chromebooks and more

Sundar Pichai, vice president of and Applications, with Susan Wojcicki, vice president of advertising, answered many questions related to the company under the conference D10, which revealed interesting damages on the development of several products emblem the big G.

Google Chrome Browser

Say, one third of the consumer market would be using this software, mixed reality in the business world because companies often require their employees to use Internet Explorer for the support of old tools. And is that Chrome is growing 300% annually, which has resulted in some countries are the number one or number two in popularity.

He added the fact that the use is higher on Windows operating systems than any other, something that would be justified simply because that’s where the product first launched.

Laptops Chromebook

An unusual strategy is to be considered for funding this notebook platform : advertising integrated into the devices, which would reduce the final sales price to the user.

Just about price: it justified the costly current labels for these devices, arguing that as Android at the time, the Chromebooks are in a very early stage of development, which makes the availability of models is limited. To improve this we would be working with the builders and Intel, so that in future we should see devices in different ranges of cost, since they are on sale now in a middle of what is considered ideal.

Chrome OS

At issue in Google to justify the existence of this new operating system and its foundation on the Internet cloud is that there are many instances when people spend all the time in the web browser, so your experience is completely based on the cloud. This would bring the benefits from spending less time on administrative tasks such as installing software on the hard drive, then everything runs remotely.

Furthermore, it is said that there is a significant relationship between mobile software Android and Chrome OS, as there is the belief that mobile operating systems and desktop eventually “converge” to provide basic services such as email and who knows what more.

About the changes that have been in the user interface explains that now the system is more like Windows or Mac OS X because people like familiarity and thus get to that part of the natural , which is enhanced considering that a new version of is released every six weeks.

Finally, to explain why Chrome OS has taken so long to take off, it was stated that: “It takes time. Android had a very long incubation period. Last year, our goal was just to release Chrome OS, we have not publicized and are not present in the physical retail sales. In addition, our new system is much faster now. “

Google Drive

There were also some words for the newly released storage service in the cloud, which came forward to be available for use offline or without internet connection within five weeks, the date when it debuts functionality.

Link: Google’s Sundar Pichai offline Google Confirms That Drive ‘coming in five weeks,’ hints at ad-supported Chromebook (Engadget)

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