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In Holland they prepare for the arrival of the first roads Futurists

In Holland they prepare for the arrival of the first roads Futurists

(C) Timothy Zeven

Very soon change the look of the used in the country of tulips, as some films imagined a few decades ago. Dan Roosengaarde, designer of that country, thought it was time to give a facelift to the routes, and the result of your idea will be implemented over the next year.

The project in question is part of Studio Roosengaarde, and won the award for “Best futuristic concept” at the Dutch Design Awards. As a result, in mid-2013 in roads begin to become (and lighting) according to the conception of the firm Dan Roosengaarde and Heijmans, thanks to the development of a special powder that can deliver up to 10 hours of light and loaded based on sunlight.

Not only that, also painted tracks so that if the temperature of a particular day of a degree lower, indicating that the pavement can be slippery. The technology apparently lit roads is not new, but has existed for many years but only now will be on a larger scale.

The first roads futurists will Branbant the region, and are the first step in a project to change the paths in the same way the auto industry is advancing. According to those behind Studio Roosengaarde, “research to improve the roads have been around for over 30 years”, but fail to implement improvements that have real value to consumers. In this case, drivers.

Link: Netherlands Highways Will Glow in the Dark Starting Mid-2013 (Wired)

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