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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Companies |

In HP believe that Microsoft Surface is slow and uncompetitive

In HP believe that Microsoft Surface is slow and uncompetitive

When announced its hybrid tablet Surface, the company’s manufacturing partners felt a shiver down my spine to see that the company that provided them with software, ie Windows for their notebooks and tablets, entered fully into the category of hardware, device be 100% designed and manufactured by people in Redmond. Acer shouted to the sky one and another and another time by sending the worst vibes to Microsoft and its project. Now, it is who does exactly the same and in fact, is quite terse, all through Todd Bradley, vice president of personal systems in the company.

Because when asked in an interview about the competition posed by the Surface for HP, Bradley was blunt to say that “I would call the Surface hard competition.” “First, (Microsoft) has very limited distribution channels. (The device) tends to be slow and awkward when you use it. Just do not think that is competitive. It is expensive. The press has made an issue of Surface much larger than what the world thinks, “he concluded Bradley.

But HP is not exactly the most successful company as far as tablets are concerned, and when the vice president was rebuked on this, the interviewer reminded him that “he was saying as someone who understands the consumer market very clearly.” Hopefully this “clarity” that boasts the highest HP executive power to bring to market a more decent with WebOS failure that had in the past.

Link: HP: Microsoft Surface is slow, expensive and uncompetitive (Neowin)

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