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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

In its second week, Marissa Mayer has Googlificado Yahoo!

In its second week, Marissa Mayer has Googlificado Yahoo!

The new CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer , is showing signs of what will under its mandate. In just his second week as part of the team, has added new ideas to improve the lives of all who work for the company, good , starting with the headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, but it is certain that happiness will soon be extended to other offices.

Last Friday inaugurated the first weekly meeting where all members of the company must be present (as in Google), and food is free for approval of the engineers who work there (as in Google) and other changes important that involve decorating the work space (as well as … you know).

These improvements from the CEO who now seeks to improve cultural, for the welfare, food and attention of the employees are an interesting move that has been fundamental to the success of the Google.

Recent years have been particularly dark for Yahoo! that has had to lay off employees, has had bad managers and their finances have been steadily declining. Mayer’s work is precisely to stop this and the first step is to free frozen yogurt for all.

Best employees means better email, better Flickr, better search engine positioning and better advertising.

Some sources indicate that it is likely that the next move may be an ad for Yahoo! in the coming days, perhaps a deal to implement a product or a new technology, pointing to the way the company will continue from now on.

Clearly they want to change the mindset of the company and for that you have to do a joint effort, they may be very insignificant details as a free coffee and vinyl on the walls, but the better your working environment will be happy to perform your work and users will immediately give much.

Link: In Week Two, Marissa Mayer Googifies Yahoo: Free Food! Friday Afternoon All-Hands! New Work Spaces! Fab Swag! (All Things D)

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