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In Mexico, only 18% of school computers have Internet

In Mexico, only 18% of school computers have Internet

In Mexico there are 198.896 basic level schools (primary and secondary), of these only 42.3% had computer equipment - although this does not necessarily mean that there is a computer per student, only a certain number of computers available to students. Of this 42.3% only 18% of schools have access, resulting in 35.630 schools nationwide. According to the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP) until mid-2011 had 1,025,629 computers installed to serve 25.6 million students.

In theory, the federal program Enciclomedia sought to increase the number of teams for each school, but was a failure and the program was suspended for whistleblowing, today, much of the money earmarked for this purpose is lost.

Unfortunately the government does not understand that it is not and you buy computers, all require maintenance personnel to be responsible for updating, revising operate properly and have no inappropriate programs or viruses. Worst of all, this is not the small amount of equipment that are connected to the internet but not given proper use is that in the absence of trained teachers, the youth and children wasted whole classes learning how to open and save a Word file .

There is no point spending on computers if at six months are going to be useless or buy equipment “economic” of AUD $ 10,000 (USD $ 850 approx) with Pentium 4 and 256MB of RAM because although you may not believe, and the government spends the people’s money.

Link: Only 18% of schools with computers have internet (El Universal)

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