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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Hardware, Software |

In Microsoft believe the iPad Mini is expensive to be “a recreational tablet”

Competition among new products from and is stronger than ever these days, with releases falling from both sides. And the new has not gone unnoticed by the people of Redmond, especially under the eye of Steven Sinofsky, president of Windows Live division of Microsoft.

Sinofsky believes that with Windows 8, they and their manufacturer partners have found a way to launch modern products more affordable. And the prime example is the notebooks costing only USD $279, “and not about netbooks, but very complete team that can serve a student throughout their time at university.” The arrows point clearly to iPad Mini: “We are talking about a tablet ‘recreational’ seven inch which costs USD $329,” says Sinofsky.

He himself seems to be quite happy with the current supply of equipment that come with Windows 8, with a range of brands, models and fairly broad. And the lower prices in general is not to discount because yes, but on the contrary, the engineering work behind the new Windows is the one that makes those prices can be reduced.

Anyway, for Apple users in general could be very relevant to the iPad Mini is expensive, as history has shown many times in the case of apple, prices do not matter (much).

Link: Steven Sinofsky on How Windows 8 PCs Deliver Better Value Than Apple (AllThingsD)

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