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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Internet |

In MySpace say “no sense to compete with Facebook or Twitter”

A few weeks ago we saw a small preview of what will be the new MySpace , a that anticipated quite radical to what is already known. The change was necessary, among other things, according to its creators because current designs still using that data source since 2003.

But the new has been built thinking of today and in the future, considering that the variety of devices from which you access the network currently. And the owners Tim and Chris Vanderhook, CEO and COO respectively, seem to have (now I) quite clearly the way to go to regain relevance and not be “the place that was once cool and now “

“Nobody wants another social network. We believe [the new MySpace] is unique, and integrates well with Facebook and Twitter to get the social spectrum and their profiles. We believe that Facebook is the ‘great social network’ that must always be present [...] Similar to what LinkedIn does in the business world, we believe there is a niche and we want to go in there. It makes no sense to compete against Facebook and Twitter “.

Currently, the new MySpace is rolling slowly in beta format, opening the first invitations to the people who have always been loyal to the site, and gradually adding more users. There will be nothing quirky with parties or things like that because they know that MySpace is currently the ugly duckling of the lagoon. “It would be presumptuous of us to make a giant launch, Steve Jobs style. That is not our identity. “

Looks like things are clearer in the direction of the new MySpace. The time-and-user trends indicate whether these changes were the result of a good decision, or simply slapping of drowning.

Link: MySpace CEO Interview: ‘There is No Point To Compete with Facebook and Twitter “ (ABC)

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