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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Gadgets |

In New Jersey the first arrest is filmed with Google Glass

In New Jersey the first arrest is filmed with Google Glass

Amid the July 4th celebrations on the streets of New Jersey, was put together something like a street fight between two fighters that ended with the arrest of one of them. The situation does not have anything special, except that the video of (part of) what happened appeared on the network and made ​​news for being the first arrest filmed with .

The “creator” of the video is called Chris Barrett, documentary filmmaker and founder of an advertising agency. Strictly speaking, the video shows nothing of the fight (something that might have been interesting to see), but the crowd inciting the brawl with some patriotic cries, and then some police officers involved trotting behind. One of these even passes the lens holder, and then ends up being arrested in a store, all captured through the eyes of Google Glass.

believed to have been with a traditional camera or a phone, the guy probably would have beaten. But with the glasses on, no one noticed that he was recording everything and that allowed closer than recommended.

“This is a breakthrough in citizen journalism because if Glass Takes Flight, we can capture every moment of life, from the first words of a baby to shootings or natural disasters,” says Barrett.

The last part of the sentence seems to be precisely what worries many people on Google Glass. Indeed, the lens could be a useful tool in capturing key moments without worrying about taking the phone or pocket camera, but for now, concerns about seem larger. In Google already said they do not intend to change its policies with the departure of Glass, although some government authorities are not very happy with it.

Link: I filmed the first fight and arrest through Google Glass’ (Venture Beat)

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