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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Internet |

In the beginning, Skype would be a service of Wi-Fi Sharing

In the beginning, Skype would be a service of Wi-Fi Sharing

Personally, I’m a pretty heavy user of Skype, but the story behind the service probably will use it would have made even more if the initial plans of its creators had been brought to reality. Right, because Skype may have been a network of Wi-Fi sharing – such as those offered – on which offer complementary services.

So told Jaan Tallinn, part of the engineering team that developed and launched in a new session for that round of questions open to reedit users called AMA (or Ask Me Anything) .

Among such additional services, Skype wanted to offer free calls – in a way, they did the same – and television, all to compete with large telecommunications providers in the market. Unfortunately they could not carry out this process because there was a big problem regarding copyrights and legal battles paths that content companies were at that time to stop piracy through P2P services.

Tallinn knows enough of that struggle, it was also part of the team that created KaZaA, one of the main objectives of the lawyers defending the studies at that time.

Súmenle to that the problems that existed at the time to find a good service provider, so they had to put all their efforts to create the necessary support with proprietary technology to perform this part of the enterprise that eventually ended up being the focus of the company.

Skype in the first instance be called Spyker, but had to change the name because the domain was taken, keeping the least bad and leaving out the “r”. Thus was born the service we all know and – eventually – would be bought by Microsoft.

Link: Skype originally wanted to be like Fon, but first had to solve VoIP (GigaOM)

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