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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

In the Olympics London tweets blame the problems in GPS for cyclists

In the Olympics London tweets blame the problems in GPS for cyclists

For some time we have heard that the 2012 Olympic Games will be more connected and more social in the history of the competition, given the boom in the mobile internet and social networking has had in recent years.

Just yesterday we saw that only the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games London generated 9 million posts in Twitter , which in a single day exceeded the number of messages that was Beijing 2008 in total.

However, this phenomenon is a real challenge for the organizers of the great international sports event: While it is interesting to focus the attention of social in London are struggling to handle what connectivity is concerned, and although 3G tethering banned at Olympic venues , have faced the same problems with the signals for cyclists, apparently because of interference from those attending the competition that did not stop tweet all from their mobile devices.

Thus, as outlined in EuropaPress, those attending Sunday’s competition received a “warning” from the organizers, they specifically requested that “avoid sending text messages and tweets that were not urgent” during the celebration competitions because it causes overloading of the network and affects the television coverage of the event.

This request is due to a problem that occurred on Saturday during the cycling races, when television commentators could not access data that incorporate GPS bicycles used in racing, and therefore could not give details on the positions of cyclists during the competition, since it would have produced an “overload in mobile networks” …

And according to official information the problem occurred because the British took to the streets to cheer their team of riders and the excitement of the moment prepared to tweet everything they saw, we would like any of us being in the streets of London, right?

Anyway, this desire to communicate through caused interference “sabotaged” the transmission of television, whose viewers, of course, prepared to unload your frustration at this lack of information through Twitter, worsening the matter.

Spokesmen for the organization have requested that those attending the competitions will take it easy, and less “social” … Will they convince the thousands of attendees at the Olympics, between what insurance is more of an intense of 2.0, to come down a bit the pace of its particular transmission through social networks? Complicated, and we’ll know when other disciplines such as marathons and triathlons again take to the streets of the British capital …. Do you gamble?

Link: The ‘tweets’ hindering the transmission of GPS data during the Olympic Games (EuropaPress)

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