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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Hardware News |

Increase the energy efficiency of the CPU 15 times to allow calculation errors

A strange technology is that developed at Rice University, USA, which allows a processor to be up to fifteen times more energy efficient than current models thanks to the permission of miscalculations, inlcuso increasing CPU performance in such work.

The idea is to lower intentionally and in a controlled manner the accuracy of calculation from 100% to 92%, resulting in an energy use 15 times lower. Also tested a 99.75% accuracy, which reduced spending 3.5 times.

For this you can limit what kinds of calculations have the doors open to error, so results in a real computer not as disastrous as one might imagine, because even developed a tablet-type portable computer called Isaid I-slate that uses this technology, which is targeted to reach India in areas where little electricity.

Link: ‘Inexact’ CPU tech trades accuracy for efficiency 15X power (Electronista)

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