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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Entertainment |

Ingress: Google’s bid to revolutionize the gaming world

Ingress: Google's bid to revolutionize the gaming world

If you ever think, after playing long hours at the computer, that just around the corner you’d find with a sniper or troll hammer pointing straight to your head, then is what we were looking for.

This innovative proposal is to convert our real physical environment, where we walk every day to go to work, study or just for fun, in the space where it develops a strategy game in real time.

Ingress was developed by the team of Niantic, a laboratory of ideas within Google, led by John Hanke, the creator of Earth.

Ingress dynamics is to play through a mobile device Android platform, inside the physical environment where we are, collecting energy units scattered in different parts of a real physical default map.

We can choose between two sides: the Illuminati, those seeking power or energy sources Resistance, will fight to preserve that energy indispensable for humanity.

Obviously, within the game will be physical stores and products to generate different levels of equipment, which will generate revenue to Google.

Niantic expected to complete development of this strategy matures history during 2013, supported by its experience with other game designed for them also, named Field Trip.

For now, Ingress is in beta and can be accessed by registering and waiting for an invitation from the team.

Link: Ingress, new game from Google that makes the real environment in a play space (wwwhatsnew)

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